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          The security services provided for Chinese overseas enterprises / projects / personnel / property safety not only provide manpower preventionService areas involved from the corporate information security,investment risk,on-the-spot research,Project construction,Risk contro,Disposal of the crisis to the safety of the entire process of evacuation.including but not limited to: 

         Information Security Consulting and Technology Control.

     ●  安全風險評估與管理
         Security risk assessment and management

     ●  安保項目方案設計與制定
         The design and development of security project
     ●  標準服務流程(SOP)制定
         Standard Operating Procedure(SOP)
     ●  業務不中斷計劃與管理(BCP/BCM)
         Business continuity planning and business continuity management
     ●  服務質量監督體系制定
         Service quality supervision system formulation.
     ●  KPI考核
         KPI process.
     ●  應急預案制定與實施
         The formulation and implementation of the emergency plan
     ●  安全知識培訓計劃與實施
         The training plan ang implementation
     ●  安全(反恐)演練
         Security (anti-terrorism) exercise

     ●  人防(駐地保安、營區保安)
         The services integrated with manned guarding(Resident security、Camp security)

     ●  物防(鐵絲網、隔離帶、防沖撞設備、防爆膜、車輛阻攔器等)
         Physical security(Barbed wire, with isolated, anti-collision equipment, explosion-proof membrane,Vehicle blocker and so on)

     ●  技防(監控系統、報警系統、安檢系統、跟蹤系統、反竊聽偵查)
         Security systems(Monitoring system, alarm system, security system, tracking system, anti-eavesdropping detection.)

     ●  特保(保鏢)
         Special Protection  ( Body Guard)

     ●  隨衛(外出護衛、司機、車輛)等。
         Security detail ( outgoing guarding , driver , vehicle, etc)

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